Philco PC

“The Philco PC concept design was inspired by the 1950′s Philco Predicta, a design classic. This original design received Top Three honors in a competition.”

- SchultzeWORKS

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  • sir devin starke

    Without a doubt the most beautiful PC ever created. Timeless design. Alienware PC’s look absolutely prehistoric next to this beauty. Thanks for this one Chris. Cheers!

  • Natasha Sexton

    Ah now see if pc’s looked like this I may possibly maybe be converted to Windows….

  • womprat

    Sexy! The 1# reason why I love PCs … they are sexy Macs are about as sexy as a cloned eunuch… *ducks* … I know it’s just a rendering but this would make an epic case mod if someone was to build it.

  • Dave Schultze

    Hey, thanks for the post, coverage, and swell comments. You might want to check out the video as well. What? Yes, there’s a video too.

    Dave Schultze, SchultzeWORKS designstudio
    Philco PC designer

  • John Simpson

    womprat: the reason you’ve liked PCs for ages is because of this new one-off design that is totally unlike any other PC that’s ever been made? It’s a piece of art, and something of a weird hook to hang your brand-loyalty on really.

  • Josh Thomas

    PC isn’t a brand.

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