Ghosts of Buenos Aires

These images were sent to How to be a Retronaut by Gerardo Marcelo Soloduja of Simultaneas Buenos Aires. Over to Gerardo:

“The white or lovers’ bridge across the lakes of Palermo, has been and will be a landmark and meeting place for many generations of local people.”

“Constitución Station, opened on January 1, 1887, was the end of the old Southern Railway and the current Rock Railroad. It is the terminal station in Argentina”

“The Metropolitan Cathedral of Buenos Aires is the main Catholic church in Argentina. The cathedral was declared a historic monument on May 21, 1942.”

“The Bombing of Plaza de Mayo occurred on June 16, 1955. You can still see the traces of the explosion on the walls of the nearby buildings”

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6 comments to Ghosts of Buenos Aires

  • Nigel

    The skill of the person who created these montages is considerable!

    Seamless and all the more effective because of it. An excellent, thought-provoking piece of work.

  • Webby

    Can anyone point me to a quick tutorial on how these images are created - I really want to have a go!


  • Katie

    Absolutely fascinating! Thank you so much for sharing these images. I love looking at vintage photographs, and these are of special interest to me given that I am an American expat living in Argentina.

    One comment though: the captions for the Metropolitan Cathedral and Constitución station are in the wrong spots and should be flip-flopped.

  • Gerardo Soloduja

    The comment of katie is right, the caption below the pictures of the Metropolitan Cathedral and the Constitución Station are in the wrong spot …. should be properly put directly to correct the error.

  • Gerardo Soloduja

    in response to the Webby inquire:
    I do not think there is a quick tutorial to superimpose images and get a result similar to that seen in these pictures …. if any, I’d say you need to have knowledge medium to high use any image editing software (Photoshop or similar), a esthetic sense to know that you want to stand in each image, but above all, a lot of patience to test a thousand times the end result.
    (sorry for my poor english!)

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