Photographing the past


All images by Tom Hussey, for Novartis’ Exelon “Reflections” Campaign.

Thank you to Ricardo Nuno Silva

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  • Jodi

    These make me sad. Maybe because I’m getting older, but it just seems so unfair.

  • Photographing the past [Fotografie] | Dressed Like Machines

    [...] aber wenn jemand weiß, von wem diese tolle Serie ist, kann mir da gerne weiterhelfen. Mehr Bilder bitte hier entlang. Geniale Serie, der Spiegel der Vergangenheit. [...]

  • Ricardo Nuno Silva

    Hi, Chris!

    These touching photos are the work of Texan photographer Tom Hussey, for Novartis’ Exelon “Reflections” Campaign.
    The Exelon Patch aims to treat Alzheimer’s disease.

    You can find more photos at PDN Photo of the Day and at the American Society of Media Photographers.

    Tom Hussey’s site:

    Best regards from Portugal!

  • Plaisirs de myope

    Photographer Alex Kisilevich made quite a similar serie, perhaps more subtle and poetic :

  • Thanks Ricardo. I was hoping a Retronaut would be able to tell me where these pictures originated. I will add your information to the post.

  • Allison

    Wow these are beautiful and so heartbreaking. I worked at an assisted living home for awhile, and it was so sad to look at the residents and wonder what they were like when they were young. If only everyone could see the elderly as they were in their youth

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