Ghosts of the Blitz


Thank you to John Pollock and Rose Wild.

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11 comments to Ghosts of the Blitz

  • Jas

    Wow! These are amazing! Thanks for sharing!

  • Tom Murphy

    You might have seen this before, but here’s a Russian lad who does something similar

  • The Retronaut is always one or two steps ahead or behind you, Tom…

  • VonsterVon

    I always like these retrographs…I particularly like the one of the car “in” the road, I live in Bristol and recognise this place clearly. must have been terrifying.

  • Don

    While images such as these are amazingly well-done, I always wish that we’d also get to see the unaltered images, separately.

    I especially feel that way with the image sets where someone is holding an old photo over a location… without knowing how the location looks today, it loses a lot of its allure to me. I love to compare the images and see just what has changed, and you can’t do that if details are obscured.

  • Jackie

    Never seen anything like this. Amazing This is the London that my mother tried to describe to me when I was starting work in the city in the sixties. She had no photos it was just words.

  • el

    These remind me of the images of the Streetmuseum app

  • Tom

    Truly amazing!
    I love this window-to-the-past theme. Please, if you have more of this, share them!

    Another excellent post! thanks!

  • Aruvqan

    I love this type of image. I can only imagine how terrifying the blitz must have been. The contrast between freshly bombed and current image is amazing.

  • Blue

    Creative idea, yeah

  • andy

    you can still see the blast marks on some of the buildings still standing

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