Anne Frank: then and now

Jan Hovers sent this piece of video to How to be a Retronaut. Over to Jan:

“Being a big fan of Retronautic time-travel, I remembered that I directed this video for Dutch television in 1992. I re-visited the exact spots where Otto Frank took pictures of his youngest daughter Anne Frank. I layed the photos over the current views. I filmed the contemporary spots in black & white and coloured the original photos, to underline the contrast between the colourful world of Anne before the war and the grey world after the war from which the Jewish young children (literally) had been torn. The video was structured around a poem written by a girl who was 15 in 1992.”


Thank you to Jan Hovers

6 comments to Anne Frank: then and now

  • Elisabeth

    Powerful and moving. Thank you for sharing.

  • Robyn

    Thank you for sharing this. Could Jan translate?

  • Jan

    Here’s the translation of the poem by the young girl:

    door Milica Elzinga

    by Milica Elzinga

    “Ik noem je Kitty”
    schreef ze

    “I call you Kitty”
    she wrote

    “Ik vertel je alles”
    schreef ze

    “I tell you everything”
    she wrote

    “Je bent een grote steun”
    schreef ze

    “You are a big support”
    she wrote

    “Ik ben bang”
    schreef ze

    “I am afraid”
    she wrote

    en toen
    schreef Anne niet meer

    and then
    Anne did not write anymore

  • barbara

    Remarkable. Thank you for this moving and sensitive piece.

  • Ray Martin

    A very moving short film

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