Looking into the past (2)

Thank you to Alex Butterworth

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    Digging it, and again: Very well-done. (and secure… ) Mysterious untold stories, made visible

  • C

    Fun photos!

    I do wish you’d put down some information about the orginal photos, though. I’m particularly curious about the one that shows a wall of sandbags at the door of what looks like Toronto’s old city hall. What’s the story behind that?!

  • Lorna

    I love this type of work where the past touches the future.

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  • Jimmy A

    UK retronauts of my vintage (i.e. late 30s) will of course recall being scared witless as kids by the Sapphire and Steel series based around photographic mashups of this sort, and their apparently sinister consequences. All of which can now be handily relived courtesy of YouTube.

  • Its no exaggeration to say that the impact of watching that episode of Sapphire and Steel as a child led to the creation of How to be a Retronaut.

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  • Ray Martin

    Chris, it’s funny you should mention Sapphire and Steel. I was thinking of that series when I looked at these pictures. Are you referring to the one where images from old photographs were ‘haunting’ a house?

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