Ghosts of Newcastle

“Central Exchange Building. I had to avoid the Saturday afternoon bus traffic to get the right viewpoint. The Central Exchange was originally a commercial exchange and newsroom, later an art gallery, rebuilt in 1906 after a fire.”
- Paul White


Thank very much to Ben Shirley and Paul White.

5 comments to Ghosts of Newcastle

  • Nick

    This is so cool!

  • Jeff

    I admire the technique used in the photograph of Newcastle Ghost’.I must have a try!

  • Keir Hardie

    I loved this sort of thing when it first appeared, then I quickly got bored of them - I wouldn’t have done if they were all of this standard - sometimes they’re not perfectly aligned, sometimes they’re just not artistically good enough - this one is great, this one has what was lacking in some that I’ve seen.

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  • Gibbo

    Looks like the original photographer had to dodge the trams, too, judging by the tram tracks disappearing into the centre of the picture.

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