Soldier of the Future, 1959


Thank you to Amanda Uren

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8 comments to Soldier of the Future, 1959

  • Steve Travis

    Not a bad stab at it, compared to the usual brand of “we’ll be eating pills instead of meals” futurology.

  • Nigel

    Well we’ve already seen “Steam Punk” so perhaps this is “Atomic Punk” ?

  • Ed Webb

    There is an international network of those interested in the aesthetics of that high atomic era: The mailing list has been a bit quiet of late, but atompunk (rather than atomic punk) is alive and kicking, I think. No less a luminary than Bruce Sterling is a contributor.

  • Das Kraftfuttermischwerk » Just my daily two cents

    [...] Soldier of the Future, 1959 | How to be a Retronaut Wie man sich im Jahre 1959 die Zukunft der amerikanischen Soldaten vorstellte. Soweit davon weg ist man heute auch gar nicht. [...]

  • Barbara Kerr

    Am I the only person who’s noticed the resemblance to Star Wars Imperial Stormtroopers?

  • Bryan Alexander

    Lots of Fallout 3 feel here.

  • Timothy


  • Ali

    @Barbara Kerr, nope you’re not I thought it immediately and was surprised to find only one mention in the comments.

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