Star Wars Vintage Travel Posters

All images by Steve Thomas


Thank you to Maria Popova

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10 comments to Star Wars Vintage Travel Posters

  • Becky

    Funny! But they’re not really vintage if they mention Coruscant, are they?

  • savagesparrow

    Coruscant’s one of the original worlds-it’s in the expanded universe, and you did see someone toppling a Palpitine statue there in RotJ (but now sadly I can’t remember if that snippet was in the first cut or the original recut (and by “original recut” I mean the one from the reissue of the VHS, prior to Ep 1 (where you got the next recut for DVD featuring that dweeb who was aniken as a ghost -_- ). In any event, it has definitely been featured in the expanded universe novels.

    Yeaaaap, I’m a huge nerd XD

  • David Crawford

    So can we buy these as actual posters? Would look perfect in my new flat.

  • gusto

    these posters needs to go on sale!

  • jeshudas

    that’s a great pictures. but i think they need a little sharpen touch like the pictures on the right side. great idea guy! i like your effort

  • Willard

    The reason why it is called retro for the most part I believe, is because of the style in which they are colored. If you take old posters advertising travel from the sixties and before, most of them have very simple color palettes, and rather faint outlining, if it hasn’t been “removed” altogether. But this is just my assumption on the choice of art style, and you know what they say about people who assume >_<

  • gez

    These are fantastic, I’d definitely buy one as a christmas present for someone I know - they’d love it.. (contact me if you’d consider it). I’d be happy to buy a digital download of a high-res version or PDF that I could print myself if that’s easier…? Or perhaps cafepress or spreadshirt might be a good way to distribute?

  • Sir Marky

    Yes! Please get them printed. I love the one with the girl and the star destroyers. Would look great on the wall at work :-)

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