Hollywood bloopers c. 1936

Warner Brothers produced an annual reel of bloopers from the mid 1930s onwards. Look out in this reel for actors including Humphrey Bogart; James Cagney; Bette Davis; and Leslie Howard.


Thank you very much to Blair.

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3 comments to Hollywood bloopers c. 1936

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    [...] out in those moments when the delivery breaks into reality. The source of this reel discovery, How to be a Retronaut, says it nicely: “It catches the past off-guard. It shows us the people behind the accents, [...]

  • jufjo

    Still, even when caught off guard back then people apparently used a whole different kind of swear words.
    Less vulgar in my opinion.
    Talking of swearing, what were these reels used for?
    They couldn’t be broadcast or show to a audience I assume.

  • gdb

    Theatrical release of some kind. But still there’s not the same notion of audience in these outtakes; they are not addressing the same kind of people who encounter outtakes on comedy DVDs.

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