Anachronistic Internet Ads


All images by Moma

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6 comments to Anachronistic Internet Ads

  • Donald

    I love the iPod touch on the Twitter one!

  • kath

    these are gorgeous!

  • Taylor

    Hahaha, great work. I’ve got the big poster with all the drug and alcohol ads, and these are right up that alley. Love it.

    I’m a fan of a bit more edginess in the copy though that makes these old-style ads more satirical, stuff like:

    “Skype, now you can turkey dump her to her face”
    “Twitter, undoing years vocab lessons 140 characters at a time”

  • Shennii

    I looove it.

  • Mike Mooney

    This is a lovely idea, and the illustrations are great, but much of the language is well wide of the mark - reads like a misguided twenty-something’s idea of the way people spoke/wrote in the 50s. “Send and watch splendid and captivating films, 24/7″ ??? It’s just clumsy and camp - and “24/7″ would have been meaningless.

    Take it from me, I was there. Actually, in the spirit of this website - I AM there!

  • Hey Mike – great to hear from you all those years off! I often say that nobody ever lived in the past, they lived in now, just a different bit of now to us. I agree with you about the language on the ads. I am guessing this could be due to English as a foreign language. The agency that designed the ads are based in Brazil.

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