The First Barbie Commercial 1959

Aired during the Mickey Mouse Club.

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5 comments to The First Barbie Commercial 1959

  • Paul

    The 1959 Barbie looks like Anne Francis of that era. Check out this picture of her when she was auditioning for Forbidden Planet:

  • Ray

    Barbie was based on a prostitute character:

  • Edlin

    If you read this article it was actually created for the daughter of Ruth Handler. Ruth Handler being the creator of Barbie and her daughter’s name was Barbara thus Barbie.

  • Sarah

    Now I know what that Kate Middleton wedding dress reminded me of

  • Ruth Fanshaw

    I find it interesting that the original Barbie wasn’t QUITE such a caricature of a woman as she became later. The head isn’t so tiny, nor the figure so exaggerated. Not quite.

    Also, she doesn’t seem to have been exclusively Master Race platinum blonde in those days…

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