500 years of women in Western Art

Created by Philip Scott Johnson


Thank you to Amanda Uren

2 comments to 500 years of women in Western Art

  • Hadiya Finley

    Mostly men’s ideas of feminine beauty, and they have done a disservice to the rest of us

  • Filipek

    @Hadiya - Straight men find a certain type of women attractive and that’s not a disservice it’s biology. Is ancient art any different? Even stone age madonnas have big boobs. You can argue that it’s the beauty on the inside of a woman that counts, and I agree 100%, but art is meant to be looked at and nothing else! It’s idealisation and idolisation! If anything it’s the late 20th century media that’s done a disservice to women by turning exceptional beauty into expected normalcy - generally by advertisers making up complexes to sell their products. Women are generally no better in their treatment of men though: ask any straight woman who she’d rather see nude - Elvis 1957 or Elvis 1977 and see what she says - yet David’s six pack abs are art while Homer Simpson’s a fatso! BTW 10% of eating disorders now occur in men… :(

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