Brooklyn, Summer 1974

New York

Apartment house across from Fort Geen Park in Brooklyn

Boys in Brooklyn

Boy Scout leader recruiting among Latino youths in the Bed Stuy district

Children at Riis Park, a public beach in Brooklyn

Latin youth at Lynch Park, Brooklyn

Boy at bat in a softball game in Highland Park, Brooklyn

Puerto Rican boy playing ball in Highland Park, Brooklyn

Playing softball in Highland Park, Brooklyn

Three girls in Brooklyn

Three girls on Bond Street in Brooklyn

Three boys and 'A train' graffiti in Brooklyn's Lynch Park

Two Latino girls pose in front of graffiti in Lynch Park, Brooklyn

Kosciusko public swimming pool in the heart of Bed-Stuy

Youngsters on the July 4th holiday at the Kosciusko swimming pool in Bed-Stuy

Manhattan Bridge tower in Brooklyn framed through nearby buildings

All images: Danny Lyon/ NARA

Thank you to Fabio Lugaro

2 comments to Brooklyn, Summer 1974

  • KS

    Just awesome photos man. Life just flies by doesn’t it…?


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