‘Be your own self. Love what YOU love’

‘When asked in 1991 to describe an obstacle he had faced during his lifetime and the subsequent effect of his overcoming it, author Ray Bradbury replied to schoolteacher William Stanhope with the following letter. His inspiring response, along with those of other high-profile personalities, was then used to teach Stanhope’s class.’

- Letters of Note


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3 comments to ‘Be your own self. Love what YOU love’

  • Ray Martin

    Hmmm, the sentiment is good but his writing seems to have lost its edge o_O

  • Jehanne

    I bought a copy of Fahrenheit 451 from a used bookstore. It was in poor condition so I got it at a discount. I was surprised to find that this shabby little volume was signed by Bradbury himself - dedication and all! The bookstore bought it back from me at 50 times what I had paid for it originally. I wish I had kept it. Strangely appropriate, given the premise of 451′s story…

  • VonsterVon

    I am so in love with this letter…

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