John Bulmer’s North


All images (c) John Bulmer.

12 comments to John Bulmer’s North

  • Ray Martin

    Good grief, what a bleak and miserable hole. I grew up in the East End of London but it was paradise compared to those places.

  • Jennifer I.

    Reminds me of Life on Mars (the British tv show)
    The color photos, with those reds - just stunning.

  • Mark

    “its grim up north” they are not kidding:(

  • Rebecca

    Ah, reminds me of home. Interesting people and interesting landscapes. Keep your East End, I’ll have the history of these places.

    Also though, did he ever go to Stoke-on-Trent? He should’ve. There wasn’t anywhere in the world that looked like the Potteries with the bottle ovens, but they’ve almost all gone now.

  • Mark

    Pic 23 “granvil! Fetch y cloth”

  • mpb

    Manchester had (has?) a policy where the pubs had to be retained when the local area was redeveloped. It looks like that is what has happened in Pic 22 and 25. Can anyone identify them? And find a streetview of them now?

  • Sue Casey

    Yes it was grim just after the war and in the late 50s early 60s when these shots were taken.
    Now it’s a fantastic place to live. Leeds is modern, vibrant, great for shopping but still retaining much of it’s beautiful old architecture.

    Don’t knock it until you’ve been to see it for yourself, believe me there are far more grim places in London now than you’ll find up North.

  • Alice

    The Broadway Inn in Salford was redeveloped but still remains. I think it may be the old pub. If so - the place has changed beyond recognition.

    Picture 20 - Peabody St is in Bolton (BL3 6SW) and visible on Google Streetview). The actual street is again very different and a lot less grim looking.

  • Alice

    A house for sale in Peabody St!

  • mpb

    Thanks to the good folks of pubs-of-manchester it looks as if the location of The Broadway Inn is confirmed:

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