Vintage Playgrounds

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  • timikey

    In Russia, these are everywhere! I didn’t realize it’s vintage!;)

  • Rob

    They look like a ton of fun. (Would have loved the fifth one!)
    Unfortunately you won’t find any of these in the US anymore, all in the name of “safety”. Ugh…kids these days are too coddled.

  • timikey

    Rob, come visit Russia!;) We got ‘em!=)

  • naomi

    Hey! I completely forgot about the hamburger jail (at least that’s what I called it)!

  • Eugene Thomas

    These are great! I have many fond memories of going to the “rocket slide” park when I was a kid. It looked just like the last image. Isn’t it odd that they used to put gravel under the park equipment - nothing like some small stones mixed in with your scraped knee (after you cut yourself on the rusty metal).

  • Anna

    Cool!!! The ferris-wheel type one (number 5) looks so amazingly fun and dangerous!!

    P. S. Eugeune Thomas- don’t they still all have gravel? In Calgary (AB, Canada) even the brand new, ‘safe’ (ie, boring) ones do!

  • felix

    here in germany they often put bark mulch under them, or sand.

  • Bela

    Love the retro ambulance in pic #5! Are they picking up or just waiting for the invevitable?
    Thanks for the Officer Big Mac pic! I was a kid in the 70s and I spent lots of time in one of those.

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    [...] Fun? Probably. However, I feel like this “Space Cruiser” playground looks out-of-this-world. In that it looks like it was cobbled together out of space junk. Less pretty, but possibly more fun. This image, like all our images of vintage playgrounds, is via How To Be A Retronaut [...]

  • Red Bunny

    Ah, the sweet memories of chipped teeth, broken arms, skinned knees and fractured spinal chords. I played on things like these when I was a kid (and broke my arm and split open my chin on them). If they were still around, I wouldn’t let my son play on them. I love him too much to let him break himself in two. Plus, health care costs in this country are just too damned high these days. But these photos are awesome.

  • Kaitlyn

    Ahhhh… yes. the hamburger “jail” thing. I can remember playing in one of those.

    You know, they didn’t have to stop producing them, all they had to do was make the “bars” a tiiiiiny bit closer, and they wouldnta had kids get heads stuck in them.


  • Spring

    Some of those rockets are still to be found in Mississippi.

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