Post-war British industy in colour

Tapping a furnace, Ford factory, Dagenham, Essex, 1954

‘Maurice W Broomfield (2 February 1916 – 4 October 2010) was a photographer whose images of post-war British industry were credited with capturing the optimistic spirit of the time.’

- Wikipedia

Taking a core sample, Lead Industry, 1954

Balancing a Ship Propeller Bulls Metal and Marine Shipyard, Glasgow, Scotland, 1956

Checking Furnace, Ford Dagenham, England, 1957

Firing a crucible of molten metal. Ford's Dagenham 1957

Electric Art Cutting inside a boiler. T. Ward, 1958

Assembling a former for a stator. English Electric, 1960

Checking a transformer, English Electric, Stafford, 1960

Testing Spraying Thermal Insulation Shell International, 1963

Preparing a Warp British Nyon Spinners, Pontypool, Wales, 1964

British Nyon Spinners, Pontypool, Wales, 1964

Fryolux Solder Paint operator, Fry's Factory, Bermondsey, London, 1971

All images (c) Maurice Broomfield.

‘Maurice Broomfield Photographs’ available from Foto8

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  • class factotum

    I am very glad to see that the lady working on the loom has her hair contained. The mill museum in Lowell, Massachusetts, has a story about a female worker whose long hair got caught in the machinery and she was killed.

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