The first colour footage of Elvis, 1955

Its Saturday 29th April, 1955 and tonight the Cotton Club, Slaton, Texas brings you live onstage – Mr. Elvis Presley.

In the audience is Ben Hall, with his colour film camera. Ben went on to write “Blue Days, Black Nights” for Buddy Holly. But that’s a while away – tonight Ben is just focused – or unfocused – on having a good time, almost as much as the rest of the audience.

Judging by their reaction, we think Mr. Presley could go a long way…

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  • Davis

    He looks happy there. Not a care in the world. I saw him on a summer replacement show called Stage Show with the Dorsey brothers. I believe it was his first network appearance. I was about eight years old but remember it vividly. He sang Tutti Frutti. My father said something about his going places. Is my memory playing tricks on me?

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