Beautiful colour shots of the streets of Dublin 50 years ago...

These fascinating photographs of Dublin streets in 1961 were sent to “How to be a Retronaut” by Donal Scannell. They have wonderful colour and very good resolution - click twice on the “expand” button in the top right corner of the gallery view to see the pictures full size.

Its interesting to ask what it was that the photographer saw here, as the pictures are not so much of the city of Dublin as of the people and vehicle who use its roads. Some of the images pay attention to the contrast between horses and cars, but others simply show the whole range of transport in the city.

To us, the period features in the pictures are a fascination, but to the photographer, this was just everyday life - and quite mundane everyday life as well.

4 comments to Beautiful colour shots of the streets of Dublin 50 years ago…

  • Blue Koyote

    Wonderful ! As a result if seeing these, I spent the afternoon looking at old photos of Dublin and discovered that these ones are part of a huge archive of photos that Charles Cushman took of many countries over 30 years. These are now in the keeping of the Indiana University Archives.

    Home Page:

    Location listing:

  • Leon

    I actually remember those buses and I’m only 34!?

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  • Paul

    Leon you couldn’t mate, when you were born the orange buses were about…you probably remember a photo hehehe…

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