Rare 1903 film of London's streets...

There is much that is compelling about this BFI footage of London from over 100 years ago - the horses, the congestion, the clothes - and the sheer number of advertisements for brands which we still buy today.

But there is one moment which is more than that. A hundred years on, we know this moment - replicated hundreds of times around the world - was the moment when everything changed. Its at the very end (3:53)…

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  • amber

    aah yes, the motorcar! Fantastic post! hauntingly beautiful…

  • Graham

    The seemingly free form and random movement of all the carriages is astonishing, there seems to be no stopping or giving way; just a seamless ballet set in streets that appear to be full of horse droppings.
    I bet the smell was something else.
    The motor car is interesting as it is using wagon/cart wheels, and as traditional to the cart, it is using much larger wheels on the rear than on the front.
    It’s a pity the BFI do not make footage like this available to those outside the UK even for a fee.
    Thanks for sharing this.

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