Let's all go to Carnaby Street, 1968...

These four wonderful photographs of the iconic Carnaby Street, London were taken by Arby Reed in 1968. The girl looking into the gleaming Roller shows us that this was before Carnaby Street was pedestrianised.

The pictures are all very high resolution, so click through to see the detail.

The picture above shows the junction of Carnaby Street and Ganton Street, and one of the two shops of Lord Jim on Carnaby Street.

The last photograph shows Carnaby Street where it meets Great Marlborough Street. You might notice the blue sign for Galt Toys, the crates of glass milk bottles, and the Lord John shop beneath the Union Flag. The cafe on the left is the Bonbonniere cafe. In 1991 I worked in Liberty (the black and white building) and the Bonbonniere was still there.

Now it has gone.

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