Christina in red, 1913

Lieutenant Colonel Mervyn O’Gorman, a distinguised Aeronautical engineer, took these autochromes of his daughter Christina at and near Lulworth Cove in Dorset, in 1913.

The photographs are in the collection of the Royal Photographic Society.

5 comments to Christina in red, 1913…

  • Sarah Mooring

    Simply beautiful. Could almost be a modern fashion shoot.

  • Ruth de Wynter

    It’s just as Sarah said - the beach pictures and Christina’s demeanour look so modern. Amazing!

  • Anne Hill Fernie

    I think we have almost become programmed to thinking of the past in black and white. There is something quite moving about seeing it in colour as the shots turn from static artifacts into something very immediate and tangible, wonderful…….

  • Chris

    A friend said to me recently - “colour telescopes time”…

  • cynthia Wolff

    So awesomely beautiful..and modern. Could be a shot from any high fashion magazine..Such a beautiful girl..such great photography.

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