It's 1935 in England - but can you work out where...?

“As rural as anywhere in England. There is a calmness and serenity about it that is soothing in a mad rushing world”.

This is how our location was described by Gordon Maxwell in “Highwayman’s Heath” published this year. We find ourselves in a tiny hamlet, at the edge of a heath and bordered by fields. There are three pubs - “The Three Magpies” and “The Old Magpie” (below), together with the more recent - that is, 19th century - “Plough and Farrow”.

A lane through the hamlet is forded by the Duke of Northumberland’s river, a man-made channel created in the mid 1500s to bring water to a nearby Mill and to the Duke’s house. Local people call the ford “High Tree River”.

Of the farms, Perry Oaks Farm (above) is an Elizabethan farmhouse, while The Hall (below) is an 18th century farmhouse with sheep, pigs and cattle and many old barns.

But where are we? Highlight the space below to find the answer:

The hamlet of Heathrow, near London. Demolished in 1944 and now the site of Heathrow airport.

(c) Based on the works of Philip Sherwood

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