Jack Kerouac Shoots Pool, 1967

Beat writer Jack Kerouac shooting pool at the Pawtucketville Social Club, Lowell, Mass., in early 1967.

Thank you to John Pollock

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3 comments to Jack Kerouac Shoots Pool, 1967

  • HaplessDad

    Great clip. Poor ol Jack.

  • Tom

    I am almost certain that the bar is Gunther’s Tap in Northport, Long Island, NY. Kerouac lived there for the last years of his life with his mother when he was a full-on meltdown alcoholic. Kids from my old high school used to break into his mother’s house and bring him out for the night to high school parties where they would get him shithouse before dumping his unconscious body on the front lawn. His poor old mother would be seen trying to drag him back into the house.

    Every year the bar has a Kerouac reading, where all the drunk clammers who work in the harbor come and read Kerouac’s poetry, which is quite a thing to see. Drunk poet’s drunk poetry read by drunks while drinking in honor of his having drank himself to death. Reads more like Hopkins.

  • Tom

    Of course, then I read the caption. Not in Gunther’s. But the rest is still true.

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