Brand-new Commodore 64

‘A 1980s computer which was the best seller of its time and introduced users to games such as Donkey Kong and Lemmings is being relaunched as a retro classic.

The new Commodore 64 comes complete with the original chunky beige casing, clunky keyboard and rainbow logo.

But as well as allowing owners to play the original games, this version is also capable of running the latest software packages.’

- Daily Mail


Thank you to John Pollock


5 comments to Brand-new Commodore 64


    Truly a beautiful thing.

  • steveb.c64

    Ill stick with my original thank you.
    Why didnt they put the original keys on it?
    You still cant even run an emulator right with a PC keyboard.Its worse than the new beetle……

  • Nigel

    Ah, what a lovely idea! Hope it sells :-)

    Yes an emulator should go on there too - wonder if the makers were able to put one in ROM? Hope so!

  • The Doctor

    If they didn’t include an emulator, you can always install a copy of VICE and re-live the good old days… Paradroid, anyone?

  • lvlcj

    it’s so creative! i like it!

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