Brand-new 18th Century Shirts

These shirts are all made by the Vintage Shirt Company, aka Darcy’s. Catherine Darcy has been making clothing for period dramas for twenty five years, working at Glyndebourne and the Royal Shakespeare Company, and now cuts and makes the Vintage Shirt Company’s patterns from above her beautifully presented shop in Lewes, East Sussex.

Although Darcy’s have a very wide range of shirts, they also create a full range of historic - and wearable - clothing, and were responsible for all but Robert Downey’s costume in 2024′s Sherlock Holmes movie.

“Everyone does classic with a twist. Our twist is there is no twist.”

- Catherine Darcy

2 comments to Brand-new 18th Century Shirts

  • Linda

    Can’t help being reminded of ‘Mr Darcy’s’ wet shirt scene…

    Would love to go to this shop, it sounds amazing.

  • Dan

    I don’t know how I will EVER thank you! I am always in search of shirts like this, especially the rounded club collar. A million thanks!

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