Hang this up in your time-machine


Addendum: Following on from the comments below, Ryan North’s “Let’s Say You’ve Gone Back in Time” is available to buy as a tee-shirt, a poster and a print.

Thank you very much to Ryan North.

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9 comments to Hang this up in your time-machine

  • gdb

    But don’t let the people of the past see it!

  • jufjo

    All the information I need is the lottery numbers from 1934.

  • Ray Martin

    This is great - and I’m old enough to remember when this stuff was taught in school :D

  • Alice

    Classic (bad pun intended)!

  • Mark

    Polaris is so far from being the brightest star! Oh no, navigational disaster!

  • MrBobDobolina

    I really want to buy this as a print.

  • Qwantzfan

    And you can: http://www.topatoco.com/merchant.mvc?Screen=PROD&Store_Code=TO&Product_Code=QW-CHEATSHEET-PRINT&Category_Code=QW

    It’s a print/shirt from Ryan North.

  • Ryan North

    Hey, glad you guys like it! I’m actually the designer of this, and it’d be rad if you could link to the original source, where you can also buy it as a print or on a shirt:


  • Michael Silva

    You CAN actually buy this as a print, directly from its creator, the gentleman and scholar, Mr. Ryan North! Go to DinosaurComics.com, click the “sexy exciting merchandise” link and scroll on down to the Time Traveller Essentials print. It’s also a shirt!

    Here are the direct links, but really, isn’t living more about the journey?



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