Mona Lisa in 140 dots

Mona Lisa Remix by Graphic Nothing

Thank you to John Pollock

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5 comments to Mona Lisa in 140 dots

  • Meh

    Meh. Based on this, I could put one dot on a screen and call it ‘the last supper in 1 dot’.

  • Silas

    I don’t want to downgrade this, but you can do this in 30sec with ONull. Just in case you don’t have the money…

  • qka

    Of course the technicians on any TV crime lab show could return Lisa to all her enigmatic glory from these 140 dots.


  • Pumpkin Patch

    Here is the Mona Lisa in 520 ceramic cups:

    Detail here:

  • Mark2

    Well, I like it…

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