‘Hi! Come to Canberra’ c. 1973

This capsule was curated by Simon Rumble

Thank you to Dan Ilic

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5 comments to ‘Hi! Come to Canberra’ c. 1973

  • Speedmaster

    Wow, some serious retro period clothes in there. ;-)

  • qka

    How about the hair on the guy on page 4? Yikes!!!!

    Also, if there were more men than women, why is one guy with three gals on page 5?

  • Ms .45

    I thought this was going to get all “I thought you guys made these letters up…”.

    Also, you left out the page that reads “Bushfires burn down our limited suburbs every couple of years. There is no public transport worth speaking of and it is not as walkable as you might think. Many public employees live in Melbourne and Sydney and fly home on weekends so they can actually take their restaurants and nightlife seriously. On the other hand, the fetish scene is unbeatable. Take THAT, Emerald City!”

  • Randall Berger

    That’s not 1973 … that’s last week!

    What time is it in Australia right now? Half past 1970 …

  • yoda

    Bill Bryson basically tore Canberra a new one in “In a Sunburned Country”.

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