If There Had Always Been An Internet

Created by Jesse Eisemann.

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4 comments to If There Had Always Been An Internet

  • John Simpson

    I don’t understand the “Jop Title” joke.

  • William

    @John Simpson

    It’s not like someone is going to explain it to you. If you want to understand the joke, figure it out.

  • Ken

    @ John —
    Its a joke about the era..And that it was done with a typewriter….They couldn’t use spellcheck and white out wasn’t invented yet…

  • qka


    Al Jolson was white singer and entertainer. He starred in the movie “The Jazz Singer”, which was the first “talkie”. It was a musical, and in the number “Mammie”, he appeared in black face makeup. (Mammie is probably his best known song today.) Today, black face makeup is considered racially insensitive and inappropriate.

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