Lennon and McCartney: the last known photograph

This last known photo of John Lennon and Paul McCartney together was taken by John Lennon’s girlfriend May Pang at the Louis B. Meyer/Peter Lawford Santa Monica house Lennon was renting around March 1974.

““It was during the Harry Nilsson sessions. He had popped in (the studio) the night before. . . . The next day, Paul came over with Linda and kids in tow. Everybody’s just hanging out at the Santa Monica beach house. Everyone’s just talking, just relaxing.”

“All of a sudden I looked up and said, “Paul?” John turned around and said, “Oh, hello, Paul.” It was like they’d seen each other just the night before. John hadn’t seen him in a couple of years at that point. Then Paul’s heading to the drums; he just went to Ringo’s drum kit and started to jam. Stevie Wonder happened to drop by. Stevie’s on the electric piano, Linda’s on the Hammond B3. . . . Everybody was just hanging out and jamming.”

2 comments to Lennon and McCartney: the last known photograph

  • okapi

    hangin out nd jammin…lol..yeah thats how they ve been spendin their time back then…love that..

  • kenm5510

    I have seen outtakes of many of the famous beatle pictures that no one has ever seen. She was given them by the photographer. She is afraid to show them.

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