The Retronaut's Holiday Snaps

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  • Above: Druidston Beach, St Bride’s Bay, Pembrokeshire, Wales

    The Retronaut and family have just returned from a visit to Pembrokeshire in Wales. They chiefly stayed in the 1880s and 1890s, though they also made some brief detours to other time periods.

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    9 comments to The Retronaut’s holiday snaps

    • John Williams

      Lovely Chris! What camera did you use?

    • Corinne Mackenzie

      We were fellow travellers and hope, like us, you enjoyed a jug of ale at The Sloop in Porth Gain or, more relevant to the past, at Bessie’s in the Gwaun Valley

    • Thank you John. That would be the $1.99 Hipstamatic.

      Corinne, yes, a number of visits to The Sloop have occurred. Though in the future / past , it will be eclipsed by Bessie’s.

    • Glamourdaze

      Astonishing photos. Like a magic lantern show. What was your favourite time period one asks ?! Particularly love the Ringers Shag snap.

    • Thank you, yes, the Ringer’s Shag turned out very well. My favourite time was 1797, the Volunteer Militia jacket was so brightly red…

    • james

      Love those pics!

    • Chris Samuel

      Ah lovely Pembrokeshire! My holidays when I was a kid were almost always there, usually staying on the seafront at Pendine with that fabulous beach, the waves crashing at night and the mysterious Proof and Testing Range. Know most of those places well, now so very far away from me here in Australia. Diolch yn fawr for the reminders Chris!

    • You are most welcome Chris. And here’s one of Pendine for you…

    • Chris Samuel

      Thank you Chris!

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