Spectacular Retrographs of the siege of Leningrad...

These incredible Retrographs were created by Segei Larenkov. They juxtapose images from the Siege of Leningrad against the modern day city.

Click any image to open the gallery:

9 comments to Spectacular “Retrographs” of the siege of Leningrad…

  • Alan

    These are superlative!

  • jufjo

    Amazing, I’ve done the same with Amsterdam during WW2, but only a few pictures.
    What a lot of work!
    Very well done, thanks for sharing.

  • jufjo

    Could you please share a link to the flickr collection so I can add my compliments there as well?

  • Chris

    Sure. Sergey has not put these images on flickr, though he has put three similarly beautiful images there…

  • Chris

    Your Amsterdam images sound very interesting, Jufjo. Are they online?

  • MsMoll

    These are stunning - the history right there on the streets.

  • Martin Fenton

    If jufjo will pardon me jumping in here, his images are at
    http://www.flickr.com/groups/amsterdamthenandnow/pool/ and are equally stunning as these. It’s the background commentary that really makes them come to life. That and I know Amsterdam quite well, so they have some resonance with me.

  • Chris

    Thanks very much Martin. Jo’s pictures are indeed stunning.

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