‘Boy texting’ in 1911

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  • Hans Peter Bovolden sent this image to How to be a Retronaut.  Over to Hans:

    ‘Yesterday Shorpy posted a picture of a Retronaut. The picture was taken in 1911, and clearly shows a boy texting’

    Thank you to Shorpy

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    17 comments to ‘Boy texting’ in 1911

    • Ray Scott

      Not only is he texting, but that looks like an iPhone 5! Clear proof of time-travelling? I think so!

    • Echo Of Angels

      Errr - if its’ the boy on the extreme right hand side, I’d say he’s more likely to be whittling a piece of wood…

    • E.Oort

      Or is he counting his money, Or he looks at his marbles….

    • Jacqui

      I would say it looks more like he is rolling tobacco…

    • Dan

      Doesn’t look like he is texting. Plus, who would he be texting in the past? No cell towers, etc.

      He is looking at his pocket watch.

    • PeterJ

      My first impression was that he was rolling a cigarette. In a flashy, one-handed manner too; I used to know people who did that.

    • David

      Forget the texting, he’s a Wolf Man!

    • Robbo B

      It’s well known that the iPhone 5 will have a time travel app.

    • Ray Martin

      He’s clearly trying to get hold of that old lady in the Charlie Chaplin video.

    • Andrew

      Errr…am I missing something? It doesn’t even look like he has a face?

    • Katie

      …………but what’s wrong with HIS FACE?!!!

    • Spike

      The key word is he’s TRYING to Text, but he has AT&T and he keeps getting dropped.

    • Jerry

      why hasnt anyone enhanced

    • Jaded Cynic

      Seriously, either one-hand cig-rolling, or checking a pocket watch.

      And anyone calling this MIDDLE-AGED BLACK MAN a “boy” is gonna get strangled with their white robes…

      Check the full-size pic from the original source:


    • Temporal Anomaly

      checking the time on his pocket watch?

    • Chandler

      He’s not texting, he’s clearly playing Words With Friends.

    • Cochilion

      I clearly see the iphone in his hand, i can’t believe you guys are so exceptic about it. And i have the app “Time Travel Beta” for iphone, and its great.

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