“Cow Cow Boogie” – Ella Mae Morse

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  • The Retronaut is on holiday for two weeks. During this time, we are showing a series of Soundies*.


    *Soundies were an early version of the music video: three-minute musical films, produced in New York, Chicago, and Hollywood between 1940 and 1946, often including short dance sequences. The films were displayed on the Panoram, a coin-operated film jukebox or machine music, in nightclubs, bars, restaurants, factory lounges, and amusement centers.

    - Wikipedia

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    2 comments to “Cow Cow Boogie” – Ella Mae Morse

    • ARvWD

      Makes much more sense sung by Dorothy Dandridge, as well as being much more musical:

      ” … a knock-out Western accent with a Harlem touch”

      She used to sing at the Cotton Club and the NY Apollo.

      And as for the Judds’ version

      “He was raised on local ways” ??!!??

      Listen to the Dandridge lyrics; again, makes much more sense. On YouTube

    • Quizmaster Chris

      Awesome! Fantastic!

      These songs are the derivation no doubt of “(The) Train Kept a-Rollin’”, a favorite of garage bands in the ’60s…


      … which The Yardbirds both recorded and later turned into “Stroll On” as seen in Blow Up:


      I wonder if this is a direct line or if “Cow Cow” and “Train…” are both branches off an earlier song.

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