Crayola colour chart, 1903-2010

From eight colours in 1903 to the current 120 lineup, the number of Crayola colours has doubled every 28 years.


Thank you to Stephen Van Worley.

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4 comments to Crayola colour chart, 1903-2010

  • Tim Marshall

    More of a pantone man myself.

  • Steven Riley

    Mmmm… colour chart…. “Thinnies” (thin crayons as opposed to thick, chunky baby crayons) were a real status symbol at primary school! I remember being awed by my first box of 64 crayola crayons at 8yrs old! The perfect colours all sitting magnificently in their stepped rows… even gold and silver crayons and a crayon sharpener!! It was the first sign of a manic obsession with colour charts. Now I make do with the scrolling charts of pantone colours in a photoshop palette to keep my obsession in check!

  • jufjo

    I prefer a era with less colour ;)
    Can we blame Crayola for the ugly 1970s?

  • mary shackman

    i preferred derwent colours percils the full box from the 50′s

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