100 years of Hovis

“In 2023 Hovis commissioned an advert to show Britain’s changing social landscape since the product’s release 122 years ago. The advert has been voted advert of the decade by ITV1 viewers in December 2023.

- from Wikipedia

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10 comments to 100 years of Hovis

  • jufjo

    Great advertisement.
    I wish I could make that trip every day.

  • Melissa D.

    WOW. I HATE commercials, but THAT one was actually downright beautiful! Doesn’t hurt that the product is nice, wholesome, innocuous bread;)

  • Claire

    I adore that advert. Never fails to give me goosebumps and make me feel oddly proud to be British. Obviously, that’s exactly what the makers intended, but in this rare case I don’t care about having my consumerist buttons pressed.

  • Lady Crafthole

    Gorgeous advert. Much missed.

  • Christine B.

    This is the first time I’ve seen this ad and it’s absolutely BRILLIANT! I can see why it was voted advert of the decade!

  • susan c

    Absof!$inglutely Brilliant

  • Linda

    I want to be that child…
    I want to talk to those characters he meets…
    Can you please arrange it?

  • GARY

    nice site,hovis was good

  • Robert Elliott

    Ah , Hovis ! I remember , as a child in the early 50s going with my mother to the bread shop..Hovis was always there on the shelf.. sometimes still warm , and…there was the miniature ‘penny’ HOVIS ..which she always bought for me..a tiny Hovis loaf..to nibble on for the walk home.
    It was a simple lovely loaf with a very distinctive

  • Robert Elliott

    … a very distinctive soft ‘nutty’ flavour. Hovis : It was a comforting ‘homely ‘ part of our heritage.. as much as my ‘utility’ grey ‘flannel’ jacket , my ration book , The Archers on the radio…the warm smell of sheets in boiling water , the allotments and mugs of hot Horlicks by the night-time coal-fire.

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