Children playing on Brighton beach, Saturday, June 16th, 1906...

“In the Summer of 1906, Otto Pfenninger took his tri-colour, single exposure camera to the parks and beaches of Brighton and created some of the earliest colour images of the seaside town.”
- Sussex Photo History

All images (c) Royal Photographic Society

Thank you to Sussex Photo History

5 comments to Children playing on Brighton beach, Saturday, June 16th, 1906…

  • Iain H

    How nice to see the beach without the bongo players on it!

  • Simon Fielding

    Second anniversary of Bloomsday

  • VonsterVon

    hahaha…I agree…blinking bongos!!!

    what I like most is the little kids bum in the first one…it’s sort of a delight to see such freedom…we live in such a closed up world now, it saddens me. I remember running about nekkid as a kid.

    lovely images…yet again. thanks.

  • Mark

    I saw a a girl about 12 on a beach in Cornwall last summer playing in the sea naked. but I know what you mean:( The moment I saw her I looked away and somehow expected a policeman to put his hand on my shoulder:( Its a shame really that kids can’t play innocently without adults thinking its wrong:(

  • Darian Zam

    beautiful colours, they look like paintings.

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