Can you date this picture...? (3)

A picture from Hampshire, England. Can you date it? Post your answer below…

The answer is in this post.

24 comments to Can you date this picture…? (3)

  • Janet E Davis

    Sometime between late 1930s and late 1950s? Colour photography became more common after the mid-1930s.

  • Harry Atkins

    I’ve got to go with the 1940’s possibly 42?

  • Nick Wright

    I think that wonderful tree is an elm, which puts us before 1980. There appears to be a square-rigged black car in the distance, which probably puts us between 1930 and about 1960. I’m going 1940.

  • Kate

    I think it is deceptive, as all the retronauts are - So I’ll have one both ways either May 2024 or around 1940 :)

  • VonsterVon

    I reckon it’s about the late 40’s…just a feeling though…no knowledge.

  • Paul Barnfather

    This is a difficult one!

    Colour, but no pylons, no phone masts, no phone lines. Maybe WWII.
    Elm tree: good spot Nick! Looks like it could be an elm, suggests it’s not that recent.
    No signs anywhere.
    No smoke from the chimneys.
    Car/truck in the distance: difficult to make out in the fuzzy JPEG. It’s black, so maybe pre-1960.
    No contrails in the sky.

    I don’t know. I’m going for 1935 or the other week when Eyjafjallajökull grounded all the flights…

  • SimplerDave

    Hmm, yes - I can (just) make out what appears to be a spare wheel on the the back of the large, square, black car in the middle distance, but still no wiser as to whether it’s a 1930s shooting brake or a two-year-old Landie.

    Something about the colour grading where the hills meet the sky make me want to go earlier rather than now, so: 1938?

  • Erunamel

    I think this was taken in May, 2024.

  • naveenchilakapati

    i think it was taken in 2024 any way miracless.

  • Russel Tarr

    I’ll go for 1937. It’s only the car that can allow you to date this one…

  • Darian Zam

    My guess is 1938.

  • Claire

    The car is the only clue, but cars like that still exist, so that’s no help. It’s an essentially timeless picture, I’m stumped!

  • Nick

    This looks like it was taken with a Holga camera due to the effect of the halo (vignetting) around the image. The Holga was invented in 1981, so I’m going to go with a more recent date of 1982 as it became more popular around that time.

  • Duncan

    I’ll go earlier - 1929.

  • Ian

    The retro black car in the distance and the high quality colour print (kodachrome was available) leads me to guess that it was taken in the late ’30’s

  • Marjorie of Connecticut

    I guess that it was taken yesterday.

  • Elithrion

    Well, it’s definitely not last week, for reasons of the car that others have mentioned, but also because the road is unpaved. Perusing street view of the area shows that all roads (that I’ve seen anyway) of this size and even somewhat smaller are paved now. Someone more familiar with local history might make more of that, but I’m just going to go with 1955.

  • Umberto

    The photo seems to have that “hyper-rich” coloration-without-separation popular from the late 1930’s to the late 1950’s. I’ll take a stab in the dark and say June, 1943.

  • Andy Mackenzie

    I’ll go for 1937

  • Candida Drew-Prior

    I’ll give 1967 a go….

  • Sara

    It feels unseasonably nice. Late October 1977.

  • Darian Zam

    Are these always rhetorical guessing games? How about the correct answer Monsieur Retronaut…at least eventually.

  • The Retronaut

    Bonjour Darian - I usually post the answer in a seperate post the next day, though for this picture I posted it two days later. Next time I will make sure I post it the next day, and I will mention that in the actual post (if that makes sense…)

    Monsieur Retronaut

  • Paul

    No vapour trails in the sky, so pre 1950.
    No modern tarmac on the road, so pre 1960.
    No TV aerial on the house, so pre 1952 (Coronation that kicked off private TV ownership)
    The Yew is clipped VERY neatly, so this wasn’t taken during the war as there were no labourers, so not war-time, and probably before the war.
    Some evidence of busy(ish) traffic - two lanes in use, so post 1930.
    The fencing is metal, and during the war this would have have been removed to be melted down for armaments, so this has to be pre-war.

    Therefore, its pre-war, but the car looks post-1930. I would plump for 1938.

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