Is this a photograph of a time-traveler...?

This picture is “Reopening of the South Fork Bridge after flood in Nov. 1940 / 1941” at the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum in British Columbia, Canada.

Thanks to Michael Acton Smith, Luke Nye and John Pollock.

35 comments to Is this a photograph of a time-traveler…?

  • Ally

    Could be, never travelled through time myself- always parallel worlds

  • Chris

    I find that travel through parallel worlds is very fascinating as it really allows you to appreciate and understand the impact of history and the decisions that were made in our world throughout time. We often wonder “what if” well the parallel world traveler really gets to explore those “what if”s. It is very educational!

  • Shimmy

    The first hipster.

  • Beautiful Things

    I’d love to know who he was and why he was dressed like this. He really sticks out of that crowd.

  • Mark

    For a time-traveller he’s holding a very retro folder camera.

  • Mark

    For a time-treveller that’s a very retro folder camera he’s got…

  • Calandra

    Is that photoshopped? It looks so weird. He’s sooo out of place.

  • Jez

    Now there’s a dude. Amazing photo, really.

  • Rosalind

    According to Wikipedia, the first T shirts with logos were produced in the 1950s…

  • Charles H.

    Sure looks like someone forgot to brush up on proper period attire before the trip!
    But upon further inspection… the hairstyle and glasses are correct for the period, and what looks like a shirt with a modern logo could very well be a sweater with a zig zag pattern. Still, I’ve no idea about that fuzzy jacket!

  • KY

    150 years ago they’re gonna look at lady gaga and said she’s a time traveler

  • mike

    He’s wearing a football jersey, they were embroidered, the sunglasses withe the wrap around were worn by aviators and sport car drivers of the period

  • marie

    That COULD be a time traveler, but maybe we only think that people in the early 40s dressed a certain way, and really people have dressed like they do know. Or maybe that’s the guy that started the way of dressing like that, and used some method of personalizing or making his own clothes. That way he could or could not be a time traveler. Though it is possible.

  • Phnepsilon

    Oh, I travel through time all the time! Well, mostly forward.

  • Het experiment « Kirsten i molnen

    [...] bedenken dan gewoon te doen alsof hij hier hoort en blijft zijn camera vasthouden. De journalist drukt af en de man weet dat op dat moment zijn experiment hoe geslaagd het ook lijkt, jammelijk mislukt [...]

  • wendy

    Look you guys This has sooooo obsolutly been photo shoped he is bigggggger than anyone else in photoooooo

  • Aidan_D

    Why should the fact that he’s bigger than anyone else be a problem? It’s natural that that the average height of a male is constantly increasing so if he is from the future, one would expect him to be taller than them.

  • Chris M

    The jersey could be that of the Montreal Maroons, an Ice Hockey team who went out of business in 1938? Their logo was a big letter M.

  • Josh

    Just look at it, its not an M? Looks more like a W to me.

  • Aishling

    Oh wow!!! That is amazing!!! :D I hope its not photoshopped :P And yes I see a “W” as well :)

  • marie

    this is to wendy. if she checks back. for one, he isn’t bigger than everyone else in the photo, and for two: his hair and skin are clearly affected in the same manner by the weather, mostly the wind and light, so if it was photoshopped, it was photoshopped sooooo well, the person who did it also recreated perfectly the sunlight and wind on the guy. I believe it isn’t photshopped, but I’m split as to if it is or is not a time traveler.

  • MarkW

    Very intriguing photo. The supposed time-traveller looks a lot like my brother. Think I’ll have to interrogate him when I next see him.

  • JohnM

    Look at the photo closely. The ‘modern’ man has been inserted ahead of a man holding the camera. A good but not perfect photo manipulation. Snip and load it into your favorite editor and the fake becomes apparent. Either that or the guy behind him is giving him a hug while holding the camera.

  • Serge

    A curious photo, indeed. The guy’s camera is not visible quite well but it does look like a model from the 1990s. And I think the young lady to his right is looking either at his apparel or his camera or both. Strange.

  • David

    If you go to the Bralorne-Pioneer Museum’s website, you’ll see that this pic is there in the museum collection - it is not photoshoped.

  • Jeff

    I would say Photoshopped on enlarging the image the guy’s nose has been slightly chipped,as if the cutout was slightly feathered.

  • iSteve

    Doctored or not, the last thing a time traveler needs is a photograph of themselves ,notoriety is a no no.
    It would be a constant concern and lots of hard work to keep going back and forth stopping time to move this camera or that camera so as not to be in the shot.
    It must be such a lonely life with limited interaction with the people he meets at various time points.Always wondering which time is his.
    And the self control required not to influence outcomes would be beyond most ordinary mortals.

  • shargraves

    That W on his top. He’s got a Weylan-Yutani T shirt on! ha ha.

  • Ryan

    Gotta be a time traveler. He’s got his time machine (possibly a DeLorean) hidden under the mound of stuff in the upper right corner of the picture.haha

  • PegLegPigeon

    Yeah I know that guy. He does this all the time. His name’s Brian.

  • Wicked Mr. Pickett

    This does not look Photoshopped to me. Not at all. So, he’s wearing different clothes than the people around him. Big deal. He’s wearing what looks like a hockey or rugby sweater and a big wool jacket. He’s no taller than a couple of other men in the photo. In fact, one man in the background looks 6″ taller than anyone else in the picture (unless he’s standing on the side of the car) and the guy leaning against the car in the foreground is very tall as well.

  • Colin Jackson

    If he is a time-traveler, he’s a rank amateur. Sure, anybody can make the mistake of wearing the wrong outfit for the wrong period - Wikipedia is only so accurate after all! But to then wander into a crowd of people and stand out like a sore thumb? What a newb. Why would a time-traveler travel to a re-opening of an obscure bridge in BC anyway?

  • Lofolulu

    Notice he is the only person sporting sunglasses on an obviously bright sunny day. Spatially, there is not room for 2 men standing in the space for one. Also, only bums would appear in public who were not clean-shaven. Nonetheless, this is an excellent fake. Look how many people fell for it.

  • Simon UK

    To my eye he doesn’t cry out hey i’m from the future ! A Time traveller would not make themselves look out of place unless he is there by accident. I would love to believe in time travel. Maybe it will happen one day. Another mystery for us to solve.
    I’m not an expert but i don’t think it has been photoshopped. Maybe i’m wrong.
    Lets get some experts on the case.

  • Karen

    How ever much i want to believe this photo is real i don’t! only cause the detail of the light shining from the sun on the upper right shoulder of this mans top and neck looks to detailed and defined compared to all of the other people’s in this picture! Have a look on everyone else’s top right shoulders and necks in this picture where the sun shines on them, they have less defined detail on the edges and more of a blurred sunlight look. Plus he don’t have anyone standing behind him to block the sun from him. Hope this makes sense as trying to explain it to everyone is more difficult that it seems ha ha! And yes his hands on the camera don’t look like his own and don’t belong to him as if this mans image was cleverly put over the top of another mans image!

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