Can you date this picture (2)...?

Another submission from a reader of How to be a Retronaut. Can you date it?

Post your answers below…

22 comments to Can you date this picture…? (2)

  • Llywarch

    Virol - advertised on shop window, wasn’t it available during WWII?

    This one looks a lot harder Mr Retronaut. Good work!!

  • Sarah Mooring

    My Ma (and the cat) was given Virol on the late 1920s to build her up.
    That said, I’d ave to put it later than that, as some mints seem to be on sale for 9d.
    So, 1956 or last week at one of these ‘ere historical street reconstruction.s

  • SimplerDave

    Going on the bike, the uniform & the contents of the shop: mid-late 50s?

  • Susie

    I vote for last week, as there seems to be an illuminated London Underground sign in the window to the left - just the type of thing a retro-themed shop would sell / use as a display feature.

  • Terence

    I’d put it somewhere in the 1930’s judging by the Selo ad.

  • Llywarch

    The historical street thing did cross my mind too. Have one locally to me
    Sain Ffagan

    The Thermos flasks look 1950’s?

  • Simon Prockter

    Virol were regularly advertising in British newspapers in the 1930’s

  • Candida Drew-Prior

    Is it you Chris? T-bar school sandals were still around in the 60’s and and 70’s.. Shop front could be a red herring date wise as there were still quite a few old fashioned shops around then.

  • Rizzo

    I guess 1965 - 1968. I remember Virol (yuck)and I was born in 1963.

  • Paul Barnfather

    Oh, these are fun!

    I think the “Virol” advert means it could be anything from post-war to 1970s.
    The “9s” price makes it pre-decimalisation.
    The bicycle looks 1950-1960s-ish, but I don’t recognise the “triangle” on the frame. I’m sure I had a bike with that logo in the 70s. Can anybody identify it?

    The pavement is remarkably clean and the brass shop sign is very shiny. Then again, it could be a very tidy shopkeeper…

    That London Underground sign makes me wonder. How long has that logo been in use?

  • Candida Drew-Prior

    It is you isn’t it? How old are you? *titter*

  • Chris

    I’ll “titter” you on your bottom if you’re not careful, young lady…

    (“I’ll “X” you on your bottom” = family saying)

  • Candida Drew-Prior

    We had a few of those sayings in our family too! …

  • HrolfK

    Selo film (probably what this photo was taken with) was sold from 1920 until around 1968… however, it was more likely to be seen in adverts as ’selochrome’ after the war. So can we say this is pre-1950’s?

  • HrolfK

    Also, does the cap say IPS? Is that Ibstock Place School? That was in Kensington until 1946, when it moved to Roehampton. Not sure if that helps.

    I’m a bit put off by the flasks in bright colours and apparently a cartoon face printed on them. Seem very modern.

  • SimplerDave

    In the light of this big fat hint - 1968?

  • Witte

    Think it’s 1959..

  • Andy Mackenzie

    I’m going to have a stab at 1970

  • Dee

    I have done a bit of digging, so i’m going to say ca. 1945. Here’s why:
    I found a similar poster to the one in the window above ( In the poster, it shows the box of Selo Chrome film. Its very hard to date by the logo of the film, but what’s in the poster is the film type. On the side of the box is the number ‘20′. I then did more searching and found this eBay posting for someone selling Selo Chrome film with the number 20 on the side. that gave the dimensions of the size of film - 2 1/4 x 3 1/4. I then did another search for when that size of film was in production. On Ilford, there’s nothing, but for Kodak, it was 1897-1949 ( And we know that colour film was around during the later parts of those years.

    Again, I could be wrong, but that’s as far as I got.

  • DalekV

    judging from the style of the illustration on the advertisement closest to us, I think it’s 1945 at the latest. Also the boy’s shoes…

  • Colm O'Brien

    I’m a bit suspicious; roller-lever brakes on the bike are certainly 1950’s to 60’s but the headset transfer is odd. Cycle manufacturers’ in the 1950’s and 60’s would have used metal headset badges (Raleigh, Rudge, Sun etc.) but stickers only began to make an appearance in the early 1980’s. The London Underground logo doesn’t tell us much; it’s been around since c.1920… so, I’m going to say last week! Pretty good though!!!

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