London in the raw, 1964...

“Somewhere between public information film and sensationalised documentary, Arnold Louis Miller’s 1964 film London in the Raw not inadvertently captures the contradiction between the reserved nature of the English people and their conflicted attitudes towards the growing permissive society that was changing rapidly in the post-war years. It’s also an opportunity to legitimately show naked women on the screen”
- The Digital Fix

Thank you to Simon Parr

4 comments to London in the raw, 1964…

  • VonsterVon

    that’s fantastic…I want to see the whole film!

  • Snif

    People drinking cups of tea…how brazen!

  • naveenchilakapati

    exellent i want to see whole film.

  • 00spiltmilk00

    What’s it called again? I think I missed him saying it ;-)

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