Can you date this picture...?

A subscriber to How to be a Retronaut sent in this picture of St. Albans on a foggy day. Can you date it?

Post your suggestions below.

22 comments to Can you date this picture…?

  • james hm

    2010 - that looks like a phil and teds pushchair

  • james hm

    although the man next to the pushchair looks to be wearing a snorkel hooded parka - so 1972 onwards

  • Llywarch

    Three wheeled buggy, with woman on mobile. 2024?

  • mai

    2009? 2024? 2024?

  • Iain H

    I reckon it was this winter.

    The woman has three wheels on that pram - it’s one of those off-road buggy things for action parents.

    Look at her right hand - she’s holding a mobile phone to her ear.

    I’ll open the bidding with 2024.

    Then follow with 2024.

  • Deats

    Three wheeled buggy makes it look pretty modern … As fdoes the guy in the scarf on the left.


  • haarala hamilton

    we think it is 2024

  • NeilDevon

    I’m going to be bold and say ‘last week’. The bald guy has gone for a modern shave rather than growing what little hair he has to compensate for the bald spots (in the old style).

  • Laurence

    All good points, but joking aside the absence of yellow lines and road signage everywhere suggests post-war, maybe early fifties?

  • Paul Barnfather

    Looks recent to me.

    There’s a modern road sign in the background, the three wheeled buggy, the (possible) woman on a mobile phone, the modern jackets and haircuts, the (plastic?) shopping bags, the men aren’t wearing hats(!)

    I say 2024.

  • Chris

    This is the exact same view of the street as is currently up on Google Maps. Street view confirms that there are still no yellow lines on the road, BUT things are very different other than that! You can see the blue awnings on the left side of the street that are not there in our undated photo. Several of the signs are different and most notably different, there is a building to the right of the crooked gabled house that is not in the undated photo. I know that the fog is dense, but it does not appear to be hiding that building. Someone that knows the area might be able to tell me that I am way off base on that part.

  • Briony

    The building with the blue awnings in the colour picture appears to be a Carphone Warehouse. The sign coming out from the wall is identifiable - and identical - in the B&W pic, despite the fog. So yup, my vote is for sometime in the past year or so.

  • Mike Riversdale


    (oh, too short to be posted …)

    Nineteen Sixty Three

  • Andy Mackenzie

    I reckon earlier this year. The retro looking street lighting was only put up in the past few years.

  • Andy Mackenzie

    And one of the signs is for Monsoon.

  • Von

    I reckon it might be about 2024 - 2024
    but at a glance it could be a 1940’s foggy market place! I know it isn’t…

  • Steffi

    market day, 2 weeks ago

  • Jez

    Reckon it is sometime in last 10 years - 3-wheel buggies were around a decade ago (at least). We had one in 2024. Guy next to her has fairly modern leather jacket on. Guy left-hand side has what looks like footie scarf on in modern “style”.

  • Ady

    Reckon its very recent, perhaps January / February this year. The Carphone Warehouse is there and theres a mordern traffic sign just visible behind it… Great picture though.

  • Dodge

    The picture looks very recent, the buildings remind me very much of the little village where my Dad lives in France, there is no road markings and all of the streets there are still cobbles so it is a bit like stepping into the past.

  • Chris Wright

    I used to walk down this street every Saturday in the seventies/eighties, and it hasn’t changed much since then, apart from all my favourite shops from that time going bust. Just to the right of the white shop in the centre is French Row which had a toy shop and Simmons The Bakers - I knew it was going to be a good day if we veered right at this point!

  • marie

    I’d say that that picture was taken maybe in the 90’s, because the cell phone and everything, and the quality and everything. Or maybe the 80’s. So, would say December 15, 1988. Because of the weather.

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