“Remember” for Mary

In the early 1930s, a little girl called Mary was filmed by her father eating sand on a beach, sitting in her pushchair, throwing sticks for a dog, pushing a pram, riding a pony and playing with her family. 75 years later, in February 2024, Mary’s London neighbour created a film from the original home movies to celebrate Mary’s 80th birthday, sound-tracking it with “Remember” by Harry Nilsson.

The footage contains a surprise at 1:30.

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8 comments to “Remember” for Mary

  • Duke De Ville

    Gosh! When the ‘surprise’ appears I fair enough welled up. What an astonishing moment.

  • Ellen

    Wow! (Don’t reveal what the surprise is, anyone! it is indeed spectacular.)

  • Brian

    Absolutely beautiful film. My daughter is named Mary which just increased the poignancy for me.

  • [...] This film was curated by Cool it, Baby!, who also curated the film posted in The 80-year-old Little Girl. [...]

  • katy

    suprise at 1:30? I did not see anything! what am i missing?!

  • Peter (Coolitbaby)

    I edited this piece of film and put it to music. Thank you for featuring it here on your excellent website and for your beautifully written introduction. I wish you had told me about it. It’s nice to be appreciated…even nicer to know about it!
    I also made this clip about the 80 year old little girl that you might appreciate:-

  • Chris

    Thank you for such a positive comment Peter. I am sorry not to have told you that your film had been featured on “How to be a Retronaut”. I confess to deliberately not telling, as I wanted you to find it organically, and for it to be a surprise - which you did, and it was. I found this film to be extremely moving, and so have many of the people who have commented on it. Thank you for creating such a powerful way of looking at the passage of time.

  • Ian J

    For me, the surprise was not the ones Chris mentioned,
    but one angled shot on Mary in the pram…& then the complete recognition at the end.

    Great choice of soundtrack, Peter.

    It was the first item I came to on your site, Chris I visit daily & have recommended it to several people I deem :-) suitable.

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