WWII 'Careless Talk' posters

All images from the World War II Poster Collection, North Western University Library

Thank you to Robert Loch

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5 comments to WWII ‘Careless Talk’ posters

  • Debi

    These are great…..I can remember my parents making mention of these sayings. Kinda makes you think….. Thanks for the great web site - I love being a Retronaut!

  • Norm Castle

    Amazingly 70 years later,still valid advice. Please forward to Rep. Weiner.

  • Chris

    Thanks Debi. We love having you.

  • George

    Ah, those primitive days, when one could but talk. Within the last year, the Israeli Defense Forces had to call off an operation when a soldier assigned to it mentioned it on his Facebook page.

  • George

    I should also mention that one of the big secrets of WW II, the US cracking of the Japanese naval code, was printed by the Chicago Tribune. The government would have happily prosecuted Col. McCormick for his damage to the war effort, but concluded that doing so would only draw attention to the fact. As it worked out, the Japanese may have assumed that this was just boasting.

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