The Ghosts of Brisbane

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  • Brisbane Motorcycle and Fishing Club, Adelaide Street approaching Creek Street, Brisbane City, 1938

    Elizabeth and George Streets , Brisbane City

    Hutton Lane, Adelaide St., 1931

    Lamb House, originally known as "Home", Leopard Street and River Terrace, Kangaroo Point

    Anzac Ceremony, Anzac Square, Adelaide Street, Brisbane City, 1936

    All images by The McWhirters Project for the Library Hack

    Thank you to Drew Sanderson

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    6 comments to The Ghosts of Brisbane

    • Laura Orabone

      What a great idea! There are so many scenes/locations that could be done this way. I wish I had better Photoshop skills, I’d try it myself. ;)

    • Nicole Verity

      This is my absolute favorite kind of training module! I want to know how to make pictures like this. Do you need Photoshop or similar? :(

    • Timothy

      Some people do it by taking a photo of themselves holding a photo in the right place. I like those ones.

    • Estelle

      I am working on pictures like these for Liverpool, it is pretty hard though! Esp the holding-the-photo-in-the-right-place one - I find it impossible for both the photo and the background to be in focus. Must be some electrickery going on with those ones.

    • Linda Barron

      Nice to see the Library Hack entries on this blog. If you want to see more go to

      Photoshop or GIMP are great products for creating mashups. GIMP is free to download.

      If you want to learn about mash ups why not do our free online course which has two modules about mashups - Listen watch and mix it and Hack and Mash

      Even better if you live in Brisbane pop to the Edge and you can use GIMP and Photoshop of MACs for free

    • Estelle

      Oh, that sounds great, thank you.

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