1980s Colouring Book

‘Colour Me Good 80s’ (c) I Love Mel

5 comments to 1980s Colouring Book

  • pajh

    “It’s totally rad!”

  • Fuzzyman

    They made a little mistake there… That is a 1970′s vintage Mercury Capri. That is the German-made one. The one based off the Mustang platform was introduced in 1979…

  • Simon P

    Don’t you mean “Totally skill!”

  • Keir Hardie

    Fuzzyman, it’s a UK-perspective book, judging by the presence of Philip Schofield and Gordon the Gopher, not to mention Jimmy Saville, so the Ford Capri is correct.

  • Fuzzyman

    Oh, is that what those were… I figured I just had some memory loss from that era…

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