Birds-eye views of NYC, 1800s

Above: The city of New York and environs, 1800s

Above: Birds eye view of Lake Manhatta and old reservoir Central Park

Above: Bird’s-eye view from Union Square, 1853

Above: Vue de la ville de New-York, 1856

Above: Castle Garden in the Battery, New York City, 1869

Above: A glimpse of New York from Trinity Church steeple, 1872

Above: Aerial view of Lower Manhattan, Brooklyn and Governors Island, New York, ca. 1876

Above: Bird’s-eye view and plan of Coney Island, 1880

Above: Bird’s-eye view of Columbia University, looking north from Forty-ninth Street, 1894

Above: View from Trinity-Church steeple, 1894


Thank you to the New York Public Library and Robert Loch

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