The Empire that was Russia...

“The photographs of Sergei Mikhailovich Prokudin-Gorskii (1863-1944) offer a vivid portrait of a lost world - the Russian Empire on the eve of World War I and the coming revolution. His subjects ranged from the medieval churches and monasteries of old Russia, to the railroads and factories of an emerging industrial power, to the daily life and work of Russia’s diverse population.”

- The Empire that was Russia, Library of Congress

5 comments to The Empire that was Russia…

  • Rizzo

    These are truly remarkable, beautiful, pictures.

  • Ian Devlin

    What wonderful pictures. The colours are amazing. It does help to capture the people of Russia of that era, outside of the big cities.

  • Patrick Nottingham

    A great study of these people in photos.

  • Eric M

    I think it’s cool that you can see how they were created if you look carefully at subjects that have some movement in them (the river, a baby, a horse’s ears, etc).

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